The Two-Path Spread: For When You Need to Make a Decision

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The Two-Path Spread is a very useful spread, especially if you are indecisive or anxious.  It cannot help you with little decisions, such as whether to choose between the sticky toffee pudding or the chocolate covered strawberries (that’s a win-win situation anyway).



Above is a picture of a two-path spread, using Robin Wood’s Deck.  The querent is wondering whether to stay in his current location, or move.


The first card you place, the single card on the left, is where the querent is right now.  In this case, it is the Two of Cups.

A major factor in the querent’s decision is the fact that his fianceé lives in the state he will be moving to.  He has been lonely without her, but the relationship is very strong.  Also, after some tension in other areas of the querent’s life, things have finally reached a place of peace and harmony.



Next, lay down three cards.  These three cards represent what will happen if one course of action is chosen. The first card is the positive outcome from the action.  In this case, it is the Eight of Pentacles. If the querent chooses to move, there will be an opportunity to learn and grow, and find meaningful work.  He will learn practical life skills.


The second card from the left is the negative aspect of the choice. Here, it is the Page of Pentacles.  The negative side, or “con” of this decision to move will be that he will feel very young and inexperienced (and the querent is young), even naive, especially in regards to finances and the practical aspects of living.  However, he will be a quick study about these matters.


The third card in the row is the final outcome. This is the the Hanged Man. The querent, if he chooses to move, will have to make some sacrifices. His eyes will be opened to the real world, and what he can do in it.  It will be a real coming of age. It might not be too comfortable, but he will not be the same.


The second row represents the second choice. In this case, it is choosing to stay.


The querent had moved to his current home fairly recently.  Since he had been there, he had found creative inspiration and motivation, and he was in love with the area’s beauty.  It makes sense that these trends would continue, as seen by the presence of the King of Cups in the positive “pro” position.


On the negative side, he would feel a restlessness and impatience. This is represented by the Three of Wands in the negative “con” position.


The negativity is belied by the final outcome of the Four of Wands.  If he stays in his current home, there will be cause for celebration. There will be a reward–his wedding will happen, and it will be all the sweeter for the waiting for the right moment. Also, the time he has spent honing his creative craft will be fruitful.


In summation:


Card Number 1: The inquirer at present, the situation at hand.

Row 1: The First Choice

Card Number 2: The Positive side of the choice

Card Number 3: The Negative side of the choice

Card Number 4: The Final Outcome


Row 2: The Second Choice

Card Number 5: The Positive

Card Number 6: The Negative

Card Number 7: the Final Outcome



Energy and Elements: Air


Air is a masculine energy.  It is the energy that compels us to soar, to dream, and to see the big picture. In my mind, Air energy is exemplified by birds, particularly hawks, eagles, ravens, and crows, because these are birds, according to mythology, that have been credited with being messengers of the gods and escorts to the underworld.

It will behoove us to remember this.  Air is so often associated with the mental, with the objective, and the reasonable and the rational. Air is indeed the intellectual element, but these birds remind us that people with Air energy have a birthright to the subconscious and the spiritual.

The creatures associated with Air are the sylphs, tiny fairy creatures that ride the breezes.  They are  known for their slender figures and large eyes. Although they are associated with a masculine element, they are all female.

Air is the energy to harness when things are feeling obscured.  It blows away the fog. It is the energy that will help you find calm and objectivity in times of stress and sorrow.  It is the view from the mountaintop, with the breeze clean, and the view clear.

Air energy is also like a blade. It cuts away pain, and rents holes in obstacles. It is the knife that Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction and rebirth, wields, uses to slice away Illusion.

Air is also the energy to use when you need a boost in communication. Mercury, that winged messenger of the Gods (as things with wings are wont to be, going back to the hawks and eagles) isn’t associated with the Air sign Gemini for nothing. Air is energy that grants the gift of blarney.  People with Air energy are well-spoken and charismatic. They are consummate at the art of persuasion, and have a gift for wit and the turning of phrases.

I associate Air energy with the eyes.  Air energy can be used to see the big picture, and the little details. It is this gift for intense scrutiny that helps solve problems. The creativity of Air energy is that of inventiveness.

Air is also good to tap into with travel matters.  It will ensure swift, safe motion.  This travel can be literal or metaphorical, such as the movement through the five stages of grief.

Healing Visualizations

Air energy is good when you have an excess of Earth and Water energies–when you feel murky, weighted, and lachrymose. In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of health, Air/Ether energy is called Vata, just as Fire/Water energy is Pitta, and Water/Earth is Kapha. Here are some visualizations to increase Vata.

To bring Air energy into your life, there are a couple visualizations. Before these visualizations, make sure you are in a place where you can be uninterrupted, a quiet place where you can feel safe. Spend a few minutes progressively relaxing your muscles, letting your breath slow and deepen.

Now, imagine you are in a wide open space. The air is clear and clean. Imagine you have wings. These wings can look however you want them to look–angelic, butterfly, raven, hawk–and these wings are strong.  These wings can carry you high and far.

Now imagine moving those wings. With each beat of these wings, energy and power builds, traveling all throughout your body, up your spine, lighting up your heart and third eye.  As this power rises, so do you, and soon you are soaring.

As you soar, you look ahead and you see your goal in front of you. As you fly closer to it, you can see the path to get there. It is clearing and opening for you.  You can see the steps to take.  You see where the shadow ends and the sunlight begins.

The sky opens to you, and it welcomes you. You feel expansive and light.  What does your sky look like?

In another visualization you can try, picture yourself standing on a mountain. You have a 360 degree view, an eagle’s view. You have scaled this mountain. You have earned this vantage point. You are now above your pain and confusion. It is down in the foothills. Up here, you can see past the current difficulty, and over the fog that surrounds you.  Enjoy this moment. What does you see, down at the foot of the mountain and beyond? What is above you?

Excessive Air Energy

Excessive Air (or Vata) energy can make you feel anxious and jittery, and even give you insomnia.  It can also make you dead to your emotions, over-rational, and distant from others. Here are some meditations to help you balance this out. The best way to counteract Air is with Water and Earth.

Again, before any visualization, make sure you’re in a quiet, safe place, with no interruptions. Center yourself first with progressive muscle relaxation and mindful breathing.

If you feel you need to connect with your empathy and your subconscious, you might want to try this Water visualization:

You are entering a moonlit glade. In this glade is a pool. The water is clear and clean, and the perfect temperature. You sink into it.  As you float, the moon and stars play on your face.

Or, perhaps it is a sunlit glade, and the shadows and sunshine flit across the surface of the pool like fish.

The silky water is soothing. You duck under the water, and swim through the grotto. What do you see below the surface? Are there fish? Anemones? Or perhaps just jewel toned sand? Feel the water slide and sinuate around you.

Also, on a more concrete plan, you can take a nice hot bath, or jump in a pool and do some laps.

If you need to be more grounded, try an Earth meditation:

After becoming centered, put yourself in a forest. The forest is made of trees that tower over you, forming a protective bower. They are ushering you, with a flourish, to your destination–the entrance to a cave. However, spend as much time with the trees as you’d like. Let your imagination pick whatever season it wants to settle into.  You may feel an incredible relief just being among the trees. Let it happen.

When you get to the cave entrance, you find that it is the perfect size for you to enter. The cave is cozy, warm, and sweet smelling, like a Narnian rabbit warren, or a Hobbit hole. Everywhere is a soft glow.

As you curl up, or stretch out, on the soft, comfortable bed of earth, you feel a gentle sound, infinitely familiar. It is the sound of a heart beating.

Spend as much time as you need to feel grounded and secure.

You can also increase this experience by making yourself a little hidey hole and curling up.