Tarot Masterclass With Kathy Hughes & Lily Wight ~ The Heart Of Faerie Oracle


Another reading with the beautiful Lily Wight! This time, we used the Heart of Faerie Oracle, by Brian Froud. It is an amazing deck!

Tarot Masterclass With Kathy Hughes & Lily Wight ~ The Heart Of Faerie Oracle.


Tarot Masterclass With Kathy Hughes & Lily Wight #1

A HUGE thanks to Lily Wight for posting our conversation.  She was awesome to read for! Her site is so much fun, too!

This is a little different because I used my Shadows and Light Oracle deck, by Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Beckett-Griffith. it’s one of my favorite things!

Tarot Masterclass With Kathy Hughes & Lily Wight #1.

A Spread to Keep You Steady

Dear readers,

exciting things. I am getting ready to embark further on this journey of becoming a therapist, and have been doing readings at the local metaphysical bookstore!


One of my favorite spreads to do to help get a feel for aspects in a questioner’s life is the pentacle spread.


For this spread, I chose the Robin Wood deck.  The Page of Wands in the center represents the questioner for this month. Once a month is a good way to use this spread.  The second card, representing the element of Earth, is directly to the left of the center card (the reader’s left. You will see). The third card is placed directly above the second and represents the element of Air.  Crowning the center card (here the Page of Wands) is the Spirit card.  Going downward, the fourth card is placed to the upper right of the center card, and the fifth card directly below it.  These represent Water and Fire, respectively.


My dear friend, wheresmytower (who also runs onerunetofindthem), who taught me this spread, places the cards in a different order. She places the center card, followed by Earth, Spirit, Water, Air, and Fire, in that order and in those positions. Do what feels best for you.  Also, depending on the reader, the elements may be in different positions. What’s important is that the Spirit card is always on top, and that the reader is consistent whenever he uses the spread.

It is also a good idea to look at the cards as a group, and see how they relate to each other, as well as individually.


This month, the questioner feels a strong enthusiasm for life.  There’s a lot of fun and shenanigans.  There is an anticipation, an excitement. The questioner is looking forward to an active social life.  In these social interactions, there will be a sharing of ideas and great support (the wand’s glow represents the bright idea).


The second card, the Earth card, represents physical and financial health in the questioner’s life.  It represents emotional security as well.  It represents how practical and realistic the questioner can/should be.

9 of Swords, in the Earth position.  The impression from this is that the questioner is anxious about changing circumstances.  She needs to take on more responsibility, and this is frightening. There is a change in how finances will be coming on, and what can be done with that money.


The next card is Air, right above Earth.  Air represents mental acuity, obstacles and how to get over them, communication, and travel.  For this questioner, the Emperor is in the Air position.  This indicates intelligence and confidence, providing a nice antidote to the anxiety of the 9 of Swords in the Earth position.


The Spirit position can indicate the essence of the matter, the aspect that the questioner can best focus on. It can also indicate an outcome to avoid or the best possible outcome, depending on the other cards. In this instance, the Spirit card is the lovely 3 of Cups!


This is awesome! The questioner is due for some celebration with loved ones. There is much to celebrate! The questioner should be proud of herself for what she has accomplished so far on this path to a new life! She has enthusiasm, confidence, and energy, and smarts. The path she is striking is a good one, and her intuition to take it is correct.


Next is Water, right next to the Spirit card on the reader’s right. This represents creativity, emotions, romance, and the subconscious.  At home in his element is the King of Cups.

The questioner, who has been apart from her fiance (not separated emotionally, just physically), will have a wonderful, romantic time with him. She has greatly missed him. Also, I would add that there is a feeling of great compassion on the part of the questioner (necessary for her line of work) as well as a lot of great, creative ideas (she has been keeping a notebook).


Last is the Fire position.  The Fire position is the position of energy and passion, specifically energy and passion made bringing dreams into reality.


The 3 of Swords, in this position for this reading, seems to show a sadness on the part of the questioner, a grief for the path she was taking, but is now leaving for other options. She feels regret that things didn’t work out with her original career path. These feelings are natural. She should allow herself to feel them.  However, she only has to look at the overwhelmingly positive cards in this spread–The Emperor in the Air position, the Three of Cups in the Spirit position, and the King of Cups in the Water position, to find solace. She is making the right decision.

Above is the complete spread. It is important to examine the cards in their respective positions individually and together. This is a great spread to do once a month, or even once a day, just to get a gauge for where you are.

The Two-Path Spread: For When You Need to Make a Decision

With special thanks to wheresmytower.wordpress.com!


The Two-Path Spread is a very useful spread, especially if you are indecisive or anxious.  It cannot help you with little decisions, such as whether to choose between the sticky toffee pudding or the chocolate covered strawberries (that’s a win-win situation anyway).



Above is a picture of a two-path spread, using Robin Wood’s Deck.  The querent is wondering whether to stay in his current location, or move.


The first card you place, the single card on the left, is where the querent is right now.  In this case, it is the Two of Cups.

A major factor in the querent’s decision is the fact that his fianceé lives in the state he will be moving to.  He has been lonely without her, but the relationship is very strong.  Also, after some tension in other areas of the querent’s life, things have finally reached a place of peace and harmony.



Next, lay down three cards.  These three cards represent what will happen if one course of action is chosen. The first card is the positive outcome from the action.  In this case, it is the Eight of Pentacles. If the querent chooses to move, there will be an opportunity to learn and grow, and find meaningful work.  He will learn practical life skills.


The second card from the left is the negative aspect of the choice. Here, it is the Page of Pentacles.  The negative side, or “con” of this decision to move will be that he will feel very young and inexperienced (and the querent is young), even naive, especially in regards to finances and the practical aspects of living.  However, he will be a quick study about these matters.


The third card in the row is the final outcome. This is the the Hanged Man. The querent, if he chooses to move, will have to make some sacrifices. His eyes will be opened to the real world, and what he can do in it.  It will be a real coming of age. It might not be too comfortable, but he will not be the same.


The second row represents the second choice. In this case, it is choosing to stay.


The querent had moved to his current home fairly recently.  Since he had been there, he had found creative inspiration and motivation, and he was in love with the area’s beauty.  It makes sense that these trends would continue, as seen by the presence of the King of Cups in the positive “pro” position.


On the negative side, he would feel a restlessness and impatience. This is represented by the Three of Wands in the negative “con” position.


The negativity is belied by the final outcome of the Four of Wands.  If he stays in his current home, there will be cause for celebration. There will be a reward–his wedding will happen, and it will be all the sweeter for the waiting for the right moment. Also, the time he has spent honing his creative craft will be fruitful.


In summation:


Card Number 1: The inquirer at present, the situation at hand.

Row 1: The First Choice

Card Number 2: The Positive side of the choice

Card Number 3: The Negative side of the choice

Card Number 4: The Final Outcome


Row 2: The Second Choice

Card Number 5: The Positive

Card Number 6: The Negative

Card Number 7: the Final Outcome